What a catch – Banksy


Last week I saw this beautiful piece from London based artist Banksy on the street art blog Wooster Collective.  A young boy is sitting alone fishing on the banks of a river.  What has he caught? It looks like a green graffiti tag has just been fished out from the river. The tag is still dripping drops of green paint, a nice little detail that strengthens the idea of just being pulled out of the river. The drips also make the green moss that grows naturally along on the riverside wall, look like green paint that is flowing into the water. The old wall with its patches and weathered bricks, fits the scene perfectly with the boy dressed as if he lived a 100 years ago. The blue shades along the wall and the ground makes the blue overalls of the boy blend into the scenery. Altogether it gives a sense of nostalgia. Very beautiful is the light that shines on the boy like it was a chiaroscuro painting by Rembrandt, nice work of the photographer (Romanwig). The tag says Banksy but it looks like it was made by someone else, certainly if you don’t know Banksy. Either way, it’s very creative.

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